Try Not To Be A C*nt

By Be


Dear 2019,

I don’t know how to sugar coat this – so I’m just going to come out and say it.

Please. Oh, please – PLEASE - Try Not To Be a C*nt.

Now, I know this may be difficult for you, especially considering the fucking dumpster fire that was 2018.

But, hear me out.

I’ve had enough. We’ve had enough.

You made it VERY CLEAR how much c*ntyness exists in the world today – we don’t need anymore proof.

Try Not To Be A C*nt.

I have to admit, the in the midst of the fucking hell scape of 2018, I too have had times where I’ve been a fucking righteous c*nt. 

An angry c*nt, a bitter c*nt, a c*nt hell bent on revenge. 

And so I’m asking you, 2019, to remind me that perhaps life isn’t as fucked up as it seems, and perhaps I too, could Try Not To Be A C*nt.

I promise to take that message to heart, and dial down the c*nt. 

And who knows, maybe in a few years people will look back and say - ‘remember that time that fucking crazy company released a bangle engraved with Try Not To Be A C*nt? They were limited edition and now they’re worth $10,000 each’. 

(That probably won’t happen).