Do No Harm, But Take No Shit

By Be


It was a difficult message to write to a family member.

“Hey Sophia,

I’m just writing to let you know that I saw your comment on a Be. Bangles post this evening - and I’ve made the difficult decision to ban you from the page.”

Sophia is not her real name obviously, because that would be a bit of a dick move on my behalf, but Sophia is someone that I love AND she’s also someone that there is no room in my life for anymore.

I’d seen a few of her snarky comments pop up on our posts in the past few months and I’d ignored the first two, hoping she’d just stop. But by the third one, I realised she wasn’t going to stop unless I said something.

It was time to boundary up.

After all, this was my business page - not hers. The stories that were being shared on their belonged to me, or other people that I love. If you’re going to be a biatch about the amazingly vulnerable stories that were being shared, then you need to go somewhere else.

Self-protection baby!

I figure that if someone does something that pisses you off once - sure - let it go. Give them at least one free pass on being a dick.

(We all have moments where we’re assholes).

But by the second time? Or even the third? (Or even the 20th if you’re like me and setting boundaries with people you love kind of terrifies you).

Then it’s time to do something different.

Do No Harm, But Take No Shit.

So I wrote to Sophia, and let her know that I’d banned her from the page. I wasn’t a bitch about it. I said, “I know a bunch of shit has happened over the years that you’re angry and upset about. But leaving nasty comments on my posts isn’t going to resolve anything. So soz hun, I’m banning you from the page.

If you ever want to have a conversation about what’s gone on, and the impact it’s had on both of us, I’m here, ready and willing to work through it all.”

Do No Harm, But Take No Shit.

And look, none of us are perfect. Sometimes I can be a total bitch (can’t we all?). Sometimes I put up with way too much shit and don’t stand up for myself (sound familiar?).

So if you’re a little like that, then this bangle is for you.

Do No Harm, But Take No Shit.